What is Soap On A Stick?
Soap On A Stick Is A Uniquely Designed Product That Suspends Your Soap Away From Surfaces Ultimately Preventing Soggy Soap Extending Its Lifetime Use. Soap On A Stick Only Uses The Highest Quality Vegetable Glycerin, Fragrances And Colors To Make Our Soap On A Stick. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



How to use Soap on a Stick?
Pick Up The Soap on a Stick Like A Traditional Bar Of Soap, Lather, Then Hang Your Soap On A Stick Back On The Dish Or Wall Rack To Air Dry Your Soap on a Stick. Soap on a Stick Lasts 3x Longer Than A Traditional Bar Of Soap.



Where is Soap On A Stick Located?
Soap On A Stick is Located in Riverside California. We Offer Soap Making Tours In Our Workshop By scheduled Appointments Only And Minimum Order Of $50.00 


What is a Custom Orders Form?

Soap on a Stick Prides Ourself On Providing The Best Customer Service. Use The Upload Button To Upload A Picture Of Your Tile, Countertop, Back Splash, Or Any Reference Color We Can Use To Best Match Your Desired Taste. Using The "Custom Orders Form" (found on every page) We Can Create A Beautiful Batching Soap On A Stick, Dish or Rack Tailored To Your Request.


After You Send In Your Request Via Email Add The Quantity Of Each Desired Product(s) Into Your Shopping Cart With The "CUSTOM" Field Selected For Each Category Of Product. 


For example

Homepage: Click Welcome

Catalog: Click Any Of The Four Categories 

Each Category Soap on a Stick, Racks, Dishes, Gift Box: Each Category Has A Quantifiable Custom Product 

Shop: Shop Around And Add Total Quantity Of Desired Custom Products And Proceed To Standard Online Checkout Process


Our Team At Soap on a Stick Will Associate Your Custom Order Form To Your Checkout Purchase By Using Your Name, Number And Email Address You Provide To Us. Please Allow An Extra 1-2 Business Days For Custom Orders.


Any Other Questions?
We Love Building Relationships With Our Customers Here At Soap on a Stick. If You Have Any Other Questions, Comments, Concerns, or General Feedback You'd Like To Give Us You Can Contact Us At...


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